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  • Game-times: Games are scheduled 2 hours apart. Games must begin at scheduled time. Be ready to play
    immediately at your scheduled time. Games are scheduled to last 1 hour 15 minutes.

  • Clock: Running play clock, 12 minute quarters. Time will be kept on the field by the officials. Clock will be stopped with
    2 minutes remaining in 2nd & 4th quarters. For the remainder of the 2 minutes, the clock will stop per High School

  • Time-outs: 1 per half. A timeout called prior to the 2 minute warning will stop the play clock but not the game clock.

  • Half-time: Not to exceed 5 minutes. Half-time team conference will be taken on the sideline, not in the end-zone or
    other location.

  • Home-team: Home team will be determined by coin flip before game. Home team is responsible for the chains.

  • Coaching on the field: One coach is permitted on the field at all times. Coach cannot provide instruction once the
    team has lined up at the line of scrimmage. Coach must remain 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage but may be in
    the huddle. A coach providing instruction after the team has lined up on the line of scrimmage will be flagged for a
    delay of game penalty.

  • Ball in Play: Kickoffs are permitted if both coaches agree. If not then ages 7-11 put the ball in play at the 20 yard line;
    Ages 12-13 (80 or 100 yard fields) put the ball in play at the 25 yard line.

  • Extra points:60-yard-fields: 1 yard for 1 point PAT, 4 yard line for 2 point PAT 80 and 100-yard-fields: 3 yard line for
    1 point PAT, 5 yard line for 2 point PAT.

  • Weight: Coaches are on honor system to play players in accordance with their respective league’s weight restrictions.
    Patches on jerseys are strongly recommended for those teams that have already weighed their teams. There will be
    no protest on the weight of players.

  • Rosters: Rosters should be exchanged with coaches. Each player must be on the roster and uniquely numbered.

  • Field Clean-Up: Teams MUST clear the field and sidelines immediately after the conclusion of the game. Place all
    trash in receptacles or take it with you.

  • Field Administration: Coaches and teams please follow any instructions issued be field event staff.
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